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What Ancient Egyptians can teach us about Business Continuity

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One my fondest memories as a kid was taking a couple of days off from school to go to New Orleans to see the Treasures of King Tutankhamen. I was mesmerized by the vast treasures that the ancient Egyptians packed away for their Pharaoh to enjoy in the afterlife when he was resurrected inside a Pyramid or a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. I never did get an answer as to how he was supposed to get out of that tomb; I did not see a jackhammer in all those treasures.

While the Pharaohs were considered god-like, they still understood that they were somewhat mortal. The royal court planned for the Pharaoh’s death throughout his life by collecting treasures and afterlife supplies for his burial. In the case of King Tut, he died unexpectedly at an early age, probably about nineteen, and one interesting theory is that he died of a hippopotamus bite while hunting!

After an interesting customer visit today where the topic of disaster recovery came up, it occurred to me that the Egyptians had an awesome backup strategy. They had copies of everything that was important in their life; their finest clothing, tons of gold, fresh food, pets, servants, furniture, everything but an Xbox. They nailed the job of “backing up” their lives.

What they failed to do an adequate job of was planning for life “continuity”. 4,000+ years later and they still haven’t managed to “restore” their lives and make use of all that stuff. That is a pretty big miss on the SLA, wouldn’t you say?

It seems that four millennia of human history, and four decades of IT history, teaches us that making copies of stuff and sticking it in safe places is the easy part. The hard job is to quickly recover from a disruption, be it a life ending event or business calamity, and get back to where we were.

So, ask yourself, if you had a serious disruption in your IT operations today, how long would it take you to resurrect your business? Hours? Days? Months? 4,000 years?

At TeamLogic IT, we specialize in business continuity to help you quickly, even instantly, resurrect IT dependent operations from the dead should things go dreadfully bad from a natural disaster, human error, or even an angry hippo. Give us a call. 540-592-1058


Written by Ken Blackwell

March 11, 2017 at 9:00 pm

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